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All mighty websites stand on great footers

The footer of your website can be easy to forget and sometimes neglected. It quietly sits at the bottom of every page serving a very important function. The best examples contain a mini site map of the most important pages, … Continue reading

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Honey I shrunk the web site – how to look good on mobile devices

If you don’t already design web sites with mobile devices in mind then chances are you’re missing out on an increasing market place. To take the headache out of shrinking sites  Design Shack show us here the power of ‘skeleton’. … Continue reading

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‘About me’ pages – how to do it right

You see them on almost every site so how do you make your ‘about me’ page stand out? Some great examples here from individual web designers to the more traditional corporate. 30 Inspiring “About Me” Pages

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Acceptable ‘Coming Soon’ Pages – the little teasers

Remember back in the day when you used to see on every other day a traffic cone and the dreaded words ‘under construction’? Well these days we web designers are all to clever to waist an opportunity like this to … Continue reading

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The beauty in relationships that work

When you read ‘online relationship’ you’ll probably first think of the many dating sites out there. But those clever people over at Smashing Magazine have just posted a beautiful read all about the relationship of elements in design online, offline … Continue reading

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Graphic Design that gives your web site the edge

Many web designers started out as graphic designers who naturally found themselves designing for the online world. Although there are many differences in designing for print or online their are fundamental deign principles that apply across the medias. This post … Continue reading

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HTML5 is on the way and here is the proof

HTML5 is heading our way fast and it looks set to launch web sites to the next level. Expect to see more ‘flash’ style pages with animation playing a big part. Lets hope we don’t get to many blinking or … Continue reading

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Blue in Web Design

It’s a day of colour in web design. Following on from orange this morning now we have the calming tones of blue web sites. A fine list of examples here from Design Instruct. 30 Beautifully Blue Web Designs for Inspiration. … Continue reading

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Orange in web design (the colour not the fruit)

Orange is said to be one of the most positive colours which makes it a very powerful element of your web site design. To see it in action see this post from Examples of Orange in Web Design   … Continue reading

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Inventive Navigation Menus

A critical part of any web site is the navigation. If you need some inspiration when designing your next web site check out this post from Splashnology. My personal favorite is – click through to see the roll-overs. Cool … Continue reading

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