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Toughest online challenge? Making HTML email look good

It’s the challenge designers love to hate. OK, honestly, it’s the challenge designers hate. HTML posses many technical challenges largely down to the limitations and range of email clients – Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird… then there is mobile. … Continue reading

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How the Norfolk Show can bring the agricultural and online world together

The 2011 Royal Norfolk Show will soon be upon us. The 2 day event kicks off on 29th June and will host the usual mix of agricultural exhibits, shows and displays. Although there will be little in the way of … Continue reading

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Minimalist Websites – a little less is best

Minimalist Websites often come as a refreshing relief after being bombarded by over crammed pages with multiple navigations, flashing call to actions, PPC ads, features, news includes, search boxes… and on and on. Sometimes simple, clear and cut back content … Continue reading

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Designers and developers – do they love each over?

You may think that there is a clear cut line between web designers and web developers but in reality there is plenty of cross over. In fact, if there isn’t then the web design process can be unnecessarily hampered. A … Continue reading

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Designers Make Mistakes (sometimes)

Despite what you might thing web designers are human and has such are prone to making a mistake from time to time. Whether it’s the odd typo, browser incompatibility issue or just rushing to meet a deadline – sometimes it … Continue reading

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Making it work with WordPress

As a web designer you’ll sooner or later be asked by a client to set up a blog. Fortunately there is a free, ready made solution out there – WordPress. The WordPress blogging platform has been the bloggers platform of … Continue reading

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Did you know there are alternatives to Google Analytics?

It’s not enough these days just to design a web site, launch it and then be done with it. Any sensible client will soon be asking how many visitors am I getting? what’s my most popular page? where is the … Continue reading

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