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Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity Done Well | Top Design Magazine – Web Design and Digital Content. Fine examples of how Corporate identity works best when it’s backed up by a well thought out branding.

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Saving time with your Web Design

The Internet has made the world a smaller place and accelerated communication technology to futuristic levels. You can buy anything from anywhere in the world without leaving your home. But we complain that we have less time now then ever which is why … Continue reading

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Picasa perfect for pictures

Since I switched to Mac a few years ago I’ve never felt the need to venture too far in to other photo library managers as iPhoto from Apple, which comes with every new Mac, seemed to be all I need. … Continue reading

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The power of Regular Expressions, Find and Replace

Such is the power of regular expressions combined with find and replace means that with a simple statement like this <img?.{1,999}?> will locate every image in your HTML code in site wide search. It’s also the quickest and easiest way … Continue reading

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HTML5 set to sex up forms

OK, so there is little arousing about filling out a contact form online but with HTML5 you might just get a cheap thrill, well, if your a web designer that is. With the next leap in the mark up language … Continue reading

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Picking up search engine points in headings and body text

Using SEO techniques to score points with the search engines is the name of the game if you want to pull your site up the results page. Search engines like Google award each page on your site points for a … Continue reading

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Google+ Project – a guide for dummies

It’s been a couple weeks since the pilot launch of Google + Project (or Google Plus as some are calling it) and early noises from those who received and invite to participate in the social networking service are encouraging. This … Continue reading

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Toughest online challenge? Making HTML email look good

It’s the challenge designers love to hate. OK, honestly, it’s the challenge designers hate. HTML posses many technical challenges largely down to the limitations and range of email clients – Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird… then there is mobile. … Continue reading

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How the Norfolk Show can bring the agricultural and online world together

The 2011 Royal Norfolk Show will soon be upon us. The 2 day event kicks off on 29th June and will host the usual mix of agricultural exhibits, shows and displays. Although there will be little in the way of … Continue reading

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Minimalist Websites – a little less is best

Minimalist Websites often come as a refreshing relief after being bombarded by over crammed pages with multiple navigations, flashing call to actions, PPC ads, features, news includes, search boxes… and on and on. Sometimes simple, clear and cut back content … Continue reading

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