HTML5 set to sex up forms

OK, so there is little arousing about filling out a contact form online but with HTML5 you might just get a cheap thrill, well, if your a web designer that is.

With the next leap in the mark up language comes a whole host of features to make form creation much more user and web designer friendly. Many of the JavaScript / jquery tricks you currently use to make your online forms slippery and easy to fill out come bundled in HTML5.

A typical online contact form

Contact forms set to get make over with HTML5

Look out for…

  • Place Holder Text
  • AutoFocus Fields
  • 13 New Input Types
  • Web Addresses
  • Number validation
  • Numbers as a Slider
  • Date Pickers
  • Search
  • Colour
  • Form Validation
  • Required Fields

For further information Web Design Ledger as a great article detailing the new HTML5 form features above.

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