Picking up search engine points in headings and body text

Using SEO techniques to score points with the search engines is the name of the game if you want to pull your site up the results page. Search engines like Google award each page on your site points for a large variety of reasons. These points are logged against the keyword phases on your page.

Some of the simple point scoring to be won is in headings and body text.

showing search engine results form bing

Search engine results

The headings, by their nature, are important and search engines give good weight to these words. They should tell the user what the page is about. You will score search engine points for words in your heading. Headings are scored higher then paragraph text. So the keyword ‘photography’ may score 2 points in a heading and 1 point in a paragraph.

It can be common for sites to have a heading of ‘Welcome’ which may score 2 points for the keyword ‘welcome’. We are telling the search engines that this word is important. If we use ‘Welcome to Prestige Norfolk Photography’ we are scoring more points on relevant keywords i.e. ‘Photography’ and the brand ‘Prestige Norfolk’. By dropping the ‘Welcome’ you focus the search engines just on the keywords that are relevant ‘Prestige Norfolk Photography’. Next you can look at the order of the words. ‘Photography by Prestige Norfolk’ scores better because ‘Photography’ comes first.

The fun doesn’t stop their. Turning your attention to the search phrases people might use to try and find your site and you can consider ‘Photography service by Prestige Norfolk’ or ‘Photography agency by Prestige Norfolk ‘ with ‘Photography service / agency’ being the search phase visitors might use.

Finally to tighten things right up you don’t actually need the brand in the heading. The brand is usually represented on each page with the logo. Brands tend to be unique and easy to feature high in the search results.

Paragraph text
OK, so the same principles apply here as with the heading. Consider what search phases might use to try and find this page and weave them in to the copy.


Our photography sessions specialise in photographing people at all stages of life.

Keyword phases that are in bold or are links look more important to the visitor and as you might guess gain more weight (points) with the search engines.


Our photography sessions specialise in photographing people at all stages of life.

The balance
It’s easy to get carried away with SEO and add links in bold left, right in centre and stuff keyword phases in all over the place but the page soon becomes a mess. Imagine what you would do if you came to a page were every other word was a link and was hard to read because of awkward sentences. Search engines are smart and can detect this. The golden rule is to write for the visitor not the search engines. Clear, useful, naturally written copy is often naturally search engine friendly.

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